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Seiko CW8B Cylinder Arm Walking Foot Brand New

£1,495.00 Price Includes Vat


  • A cylinder arm bed heavy duty lockstitch machine
  • The seiko CW8B is designed with a sliding bar thread take up, a vertical axis rotating hook, a drive belt to drive the arm shaft and hook shaft, a compound feed mechanism and a dial type stitch regulator and lever type reverse feed mechanism
  • The high presser foot lift and longer stitch length make it useful in the production of heavy duty luggage, suitcases and seat cushions
  • It’s also for binding operations on luggage, tote bags and similar articles
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Brand new Seiko CW8B needle feed walking foot cylinder arm with drop in bobbin for extra strength


Cylinder Length: 9.5” Bed Size Diameter: 62mm Feed dog: Single row Hook: Rotating vertical hook Bobbin: G Presser Foot: Alternating walking presser foot Presser Foot Lift: 8mm by hand – 14mm by foot lift Stitch Length: 0 to 5mm Needle Bar Stroke: 33.4mm Thread Take-Up Lever Stroke: 61.5mm Needle: 135×17 size 18-22 (135×16 for leather) Maximum Sewing Speed: 2200 RPM Lubrication: Manual *Speed depends on thread, material and operation.



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