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Pfaff 1295 Single Needle Walking Foot Post Bed Machine

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Brand New Pfaff 1295 Single Needle Walking Foot Post Bed Machine


Brand New Pfaff 1295 Single Needle Walking Foot Post Bed Machine;

Special features:

  • Unobstructed view of the stitching area
  • The postbed design is ideal for handling shaped parts before or after they are closed
  • Trouble-free stitching over cross-seams with no difference in stitch length, due to the alternating top feed with 7 mm stroke
  • Accurate and consistent stitch formation on all materials, up to thread sizes of 15/3-ply, synth.
  • Uncomplicated mechanical system guarantees perfect function
  • Built-in bobbin winder within operator’s view
  • Large vertical hook with 60% more thread capacity than conventional hooks
  • Protection of the hook against thread jamming by built-in and easy-to-handle overload clutch as standard equipment
  • High sewing output and easy operation due to time- and cost-saving work aids, such as:
    • Thread trimmer
    • Automatic presser foot lift
    • Backtacking mechanism
    • Needle positioning mechanism
  • Large fabric clearance of 14 mm for easier loading and removal of the workpiece
  • As an alternative available with a long stitch (up to 11 mm) for rustic stitching


6/01 For plain seaming operations
-17/01-940/01 Part set for binding, with balconyshaped needle plate for sewing convex-shaped workpieces (binding attachment required as extra)

Models and Work aids from the PFAFF 1295

C For medium to heavy materials
L Leathers
S Fabrics
M Overload clutch for protection of hook
N Max. stitch length 6 mm, forwards and reverse
P Four-motion drop feed version

Work aids:
-900/56 Thread trimmer
-911/97 Automatic presser foot lift and backtacking
(for operation a pneumatic air filter/regulator is required,
Pfaff part No. 91-187 426-70/893)


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