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Juki TNU 243

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Model nameTNU-243U, TU-273UMax.

sewing speed 800sti/minMax. stitch length15mm Presser footBy knee: 20mm

Alternating vertical movement4~8mmDistance from needle to machine arm

420mmNeedle794 (Nm230) Nm130~Nm280

DY×3 #21~#28Thread#8~#0, B92~B207 Nm=30/3~15/3


Juki TNU 243 Semi-long Flat-bed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine with Large Shuttle-hook for Extra Heavy-weight Material

The machine is optimally suited for the sewing of extra-heavy-weight materials such as tents, seat belts, and bag handles.The machine comes with a large shuttle-hook. This type of shuttle-hook helps to reduce the frequency of bobbin thread replacement and is best suited for the sewing of extra-heavy-weight materials sewn with lower-count threads. 20mm foot lift

1 Max stitch length 15mm (normal/reverse feed)

Needle size 794 (Nm230) Nm130~Nm280 or DY×3 #21#28

Thread ~#8~#0, B92~B277, Nm=30/3~8/3

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