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Juki LU-1511N-7

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Juki LU-1511N-7 Single Needle, Unison Feed, Lockstitch with Large Vertical Axis Hook, Auto BackTack, Auto FootLift, Needle Position, UBT


Juki’s new, unique complete rectangular feeding motion instead of the more common elliptical motion assures a consistent feed of materials of all thicknesses without any stitch gathering.

The amount of the alternating vertical movement of the walking foot and presser foot can be adjusted to a maximum of 6.5mm and applies a consistent pressure to prevent irregular stitcing accommodating both multi-layered and or variable weight heavy type materials.

The large capacity vertical hook increases efficiency by reducing the frequency of the bobbin thread changing. The machine also comes with a dual-tension mechanism to support high-tension sewing with thick threads to ensure excellent quality seams through a broad range of materials from light to heavy types.


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