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Juki 1341 Cylinder Arm Walking Foot

£1,595.00 Price Includes Vat

Juki 1341 cylinder arm needle feed walking foot

Large capacity hook and with drop in bobbin so extra strength

16mm presser foot lift height

6mm max stitch length

Reverse feed

Fitted on all new top stand and 240v energy saving motor

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  • Speed, Max (S.P.M.): 2000*
  • Clearance Under Walking Foot: by hand 9mm – by knee 16mm
  • Needle Bar Stroke: (36mm)
  • Stitch Length, Max.: (6mm)
  • Needle: 135 x 17 and 135 x 16 for leather
  • Thread: Size 33 – 138
  • Hook: Vertical-axis 1.6 fold-capacity hook
  • Locus of feed: Rectangular
  • Knee lift – Built on head
  • Bobbin winder – Built on head
  • Cylinder arm bed size: 72mm
  • Distance from needle to machine arm: 255mm
  • Safety mechanism – Provided as standard
  • Lubrication: Centralized oil wick lubrication (hook: by an oiler


    • For sewing medium to heavy-weight materials such as leather, vinyl, upholstery, synthetics, canvas and various coated and laminated products
    • Designed for stitching such products as auto, boat and furniture upholstery, tarpaulins, covers, sails, tents, camping trailer covers, awnings, umbrellas, tops, bags, luggage, handbags, travelware accessories, sports and camping equipment, wearing apparel, outdoor clothing, canvas shoes, slippers, orthopedic appliances, etc


      • The LS-1341 walking foot cylinder arm machine offers a consistent stitching pitch and outstanding ability to sew sharp curves. This makes the machine ideal for the sewing of tubular articles
      • Sewing capabilities and feed performance that respond to a broad range of uses in the sewing of heavy materials
      • With its larger needle bar stroke, larger lift of the presser foot, and newly adopted double-tension mechanism, the machine sews beautifully with thick threads (low count thread) and at higher thread tensions. This allows the machine to sew a broad range of heavy materials
      • The newly developed mode of highly rigid rectangular feed guarantees outstanding feed performance
      • In addition, the ratio between the alternating vertical movements of the walking foot and presser foot remains unchanged even when the material thickness changes. With this feature, the machine sews multi-layered parts of the material consistently and without stitch gathering
      • Excellent for sewing of sharp curves
      • The slimmed-down throat plate easily responds to the sewing of small tubular articles with diameters as small as 40mm
      • This enhances the machine’s ability to smoothly sew not only bags and shoes, but also small articles such as wallets
      • In addition to the standard type machine, a machine provided with a gauge for small articles is available. (LS-1342, LS-1342-7)
      • Excellent operability and maintainability
      • The underside of the top end of the cylinder-bed is provided with an easy to remove cover. This promises easy cleaning of thread wastes
      • The stitch length can be easily selected by the stitch dial.
      • The machine’s enhanced operability features include a clear view of the area around the needle, placement of the bobbin thread winder on the front face of the machine arm, and a large hand wheel(φ160mm).
      • A knee-lifter mechanism is built in the bed. This reduces the pressure required to operate the knee-lifter and facilitates setup.
      • The machine’s full-open-type top design makes adjusting works easier.
      • The machine comes with a lubricating mechanism that uses a centralized oil wick. This substantially reduces the time and trouble required for oiling the machine. (The hook needs manual oiling with an oiler.)
      • A walking foot mechanism is built into the machine arm to prevent oil from scattering

      *The machine is equipped as standard with a mechanism to correct uneven material feed by making-micro adjustments to the bottom-feed








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