Bedding Machinery

Bedding sewing machinery is a specialized category of sewing machines that are specifically designed for the production of bedding products, such as mattresses, duvets, pillows, and other bedding accessories. These machines are engineered to streamline the manufacturing process of bedding items, ensuring efficiency, precision, and high-quality results.
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Mattress tape edge machine

Mattress Tape Edge Machine CSM New Machine

Brand new CSM mattress tape edge machine Singer 300U head Power lift and tilt
Mattress Tufter NEW MACHINE - Castle Sewing UK

Mattress Tufter NEW MACHINE

Mattress Tufter Brand New Machine Our Own Brand CSM Made to our specification
Apex Border Machine New Machine - Castle Sewing UK

Apex Border Machine New Machine

Apex border machine new built to order puller feed sews upto a 7 inch 18cm border