Carpet whipping and binding



Carpet whipping and binding is a very specialised and a lot of skill is involved which does come with practice, it involves overlocking edges of carpet with yarn for a professional finish, pieces and off cuts are generally used rather than been discarded or a made to measure rug, so carpet binding is where the edge of the carpet that is cut to size is taped with a single or double or piped border for a more enhanced look. Tapes can come in a multitude of materials such as cotton, linen, and faux leather and different colours too, a binder attachment is needed in order to achieve this

We supply new the CSM 812K carpet whipper that is perfect for all carpets and whipping, a three thread machine thats brand new, this machine is suitable for sewing up the edge of carpets and foot-pads used for automobiles.

Using 3-thread sewing method, sewing-up operations can be realized for making the carpets exceeding 18mm in thickness.

If you wish, it could also be used for the curve-shaped or round-shaped edging work, giving durable and strong quality. The special design can be used for sewing very narrow corner without any difficulties. 

Alternative is the CSM 2502K Carpet Overlock Binder its high speed 2 thread machine Suitable for small and big size felt,blanket,car carpet,multiple propylene glycol pocket and other extra heavy material.

It is easy to operate to wrap the edge of sewing decoration or other thick type of cloth before connection. 2 thread operation and a maximum sewing thickness of 13mm, self oiling machine fully automatic lubrication system The CSM 2502K Carpet Overlock Binder is ideal for tough and long-lasting applications.

With an adjustable length and width up to 13mm, this machine offers superior flexibility and precision for a wide range of materials ranging from small pieces of felt to heavy blankets. Its fast speed and efficient design make it an exceptional choice for any task